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Why I’m Sold On Grass-Fed Beef

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Food, Motivation | 0 comments

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.” Right?

Well, I’ve taken that concept to heart as you’ll learn more and more in this blog.

That said, for some reason, I’ve never gotten that into the whole grass-fed phenomenon. I don’t know, just seemed like the latest fad, and I was pretty convinced that as long as my meat was organic, I was looking good.

That all changed earlier this month when I read an article about grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb. FYI – I’d never even heard the term grass-finished until then and what I’ve learned delving deeper into it is pretty astonishing.

The article is about wholesale grass fed beef suppliers, Verde Farms – a Boston-based company. Verde Farms imports meat, mostly from Australian and Uruguay to give Americans a better option around their beef and lamb consumption.

Here’s a taste of what the article said,

“I think you’re seeing a shift in how we think about beef here in the states. It’s not just about reducing meat consumption and depriving ourselves – it’s about eating better meat,” said Dana Ehrlich, CEO and co-founder. “The reason we’re seeing such success is because Verde Farms has always been committed to sourcing and delivering the best 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef products that are better across the board. Better for consumers, better for the animals and better for the environment.”

And, check this out,

Studies suggest that grass-finished beef may be lower in fat and calories than grain-finished beef and has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA’s (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – an essential fatty acid thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks), and more antioxidant vitamins, like Vitamins E.

Until now I hadn’t realized that eating grass-fed meats could actually be healthier, as well as giving cows a happier, more satisfying time on the planet.

I also enjoyed learning about the company’s CEO. Seems he’s not just in it for the money, and building Verde Farms has been a true labor of love for him. Here’s more:

While visiting South America, Ehrlich was inspired by the expansive pastures and grass-fed cattle that roam in stark contrast to conventional beef farming in the U.S. A former engineer at Intel, Ehrlich leveraged his background in product development with a passion for sustainable, high-quality meat to found Verde Farms. Alongside Tuck School of Business classmate and Co-Founder, Pablo Garbarino, the two built the company on three guiding principles – health benefits for the consumer, animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Today, Verde Farms is the number 1 importer of grass-fed beef from Uruguay and also sources from family farms in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

Looking deeper into Verde Farms I learned that they supply meat for some of our countries biggest retailers such as Wholefoods, Wegmans and Costco. They also provide beef for restaurants around the country including the popular burrito chain, Boloco.

Whether or not you find Verde Farms in your local area, I’d definitely recommend at least considering going grass-fed. You’ll taste the difference and your body will thank you for it.

News Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wheres-the-beef-why-verde-farms-wants-grass-fed-beef-to-be-on-more-american-dinner-tables-300187616.html

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Set Goals to Motivate Yourself In Life

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Motivation | 0 comments

We all have goals, but too often people find themselves falling short of their goals. Instead of just accepting failure, it is important to find a way to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. The first step, of course, is being able to identify your most important goals. If you are unsure of what is really important to you in life, the following advice may help you figure out what your priorities are.


Give yourself a little pep talk each morning before you start your day. Mention what you would like to accomplish that day, and compliment yourself on something that you are feeling positive about. You can talk about anything that you are looking forward to, no matter how small it might be. While this may not feel entirely comfortable at first, persevere through those initial feelings and keep at it. You will be amazed at how engaging in this behavior will help you to leave the house feeling good. That attitude will transfer over into everything that you do that day.

Take every opportunity that you can to let your voice be heard around others. Many people who lack confidence choose to try and blend into the background. Whether it is at work, or just out with friends, let others hear your opinions. Engage in conversation. The more you speak up, the more secure you will feel in your ability to come up with insightful and helpful comments. Before you know it, you won’t even have to think about it anymore; you will just join in automatically.

If you tend to worry all the time and feel stressed, you need to learn how to relax and focus on positive things. Perhaps your job or financial situation is causing you a lot of anxiety, but do not expect to be happy if you do not take action and make an effort to adopt a positive attitude. You should try things such as yoga, relaxation techniques, practicing a sport or doing something creative or fun. Do not focus on small details and learn to accept that you cannot control everything. For instance, do not feel responsible for everything at your job: you are only one employee among others. Consider going on a vacation to relax or meeting with a doctor or a psychiatrist if you need some help with managing your stress.

Think about yourself in ten or twenty years. Where do you see yourself being? Where do you want to be? What sort of things would make you happiest if you had them in your life? By honestly answering these questions, you can start to identify what you really want from life.

You will face challenges on a daily basis, and being able to identify these challenges is vital to your continued success in your journey. Try to be honest and objective in your assessment of what awaits you. Do not let your hopes or fears distort your view of what obstacles are confronting you.

These different tips are going to help you live the kind of life that makes you feel satisfied and proud of who you are. Take the time to reflect about your life and plan on making a few changes and making an effort to adopt a positive attitude toward everything in your life.

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Trying To Lose Weight? Get Ready To Be Inspired.

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Motivation | 0 comments

If you’ve been trying to lose weight… Wanting to lose weight… Thinking about losing weight… You’ve got to give yourself 5 minutes to listen to what this guy has to say.

In 90 days he lost 49lbs which was 36% of his body fat! He looks incredible but, more importantly, he’s got his priorities right – it’s all about being healthy, happy and being able to be a better person.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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