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You may wonder how these can be accessed, and how visiting the akashic realms can help you. Listen back to my session recording, i can't help but smile, because i'm. 2ore important than any information gained through being in the record is the energy present in the record. The records are very new to me, at least in this lifetime, but felt extremely familiar as soon as i began reading the book. Simply put, this is the record of you. In discussion of the theory of the informed universe, it is interesting to note that cayce also believed that the records connected us to each other and that the universe was indeed "orderly". To summarize, the akashic records exist as a reference point for souls to understand who they are based on current and past experiences, as well as future possibilities. ” using howe’s unique three-step process that she gleaned over the past twenty years of working in the records, you’ll learn how to tap into this infinite resource to gain a soul-level perspective on your wounds and unlock their potential for growth by exploring:. Akashic foundations – 3 main objectives in mind. The akashic records are the energetic records of all souls and sentient beings which imprints information about their existence. Most people already access the akashic records often through intuition, meditation, and flashes of insight. Only through a deep state of meditation can one bridge the gap and read what’s in this massive informational databank without losing consciousness and falling asleep. I found michelle’s akashic record reading very very in depth and very detailed. But, the majority of information will be directly flowing from the records keepers through me to you directly. Over time and this energy is accessible through the akashic records. When edgar cayce, perhaps the most documented psychic in history, was asked where he obtained the information he delivered in psychic readings, he noted two main sources: one was the subconscious mind of the querent and the other was from a place he called “the hall of records. The records (and those spiritual beings helping to translate the records for me) have a different concept of time than you and me. Specifically, here is just a sample of what the akashic records reading can provide for you:. World of thought, and, last, it may be read in the. She told him of the old ones who brought the knowledge of time “the akashic records” to humanity. Not much scientific research is currently available on akashic reading, although with the advance of science into quantum physics and theories like entanglement being explored, the door is wide open. The akashic records and god’s book of life were one and the same. The akashic tarot, we’re giving away tons of free gifts— valued at over $400. This will occur within the last two months of this six month card reading. The records are now open. These gatekeepers of the records have never been incarnated. Knowledge about the ability to access your personal akashic record can reveal the answers to who you really are. It’s our suggestion that you ask your guides to show you to the right person to work with you to have your records opened. Also, through an akashic records reading, you will know the best place to “find” your soulmate, along with the likelihood of meeting him or her in this life. Know that you've arrived, and you're submersed in the conscious realm that is the akashic records. This stone has been my go to for just about everything lately, from tarot to akashic record reading. Then all you do afterwards is spend at least 15 minutes twice a week with your records, so they can continue to assist you at your own pace. I was quite nervous before the reading but shelly’s lovely, calming and friendly nature put me at ease. I had an incredible reading with jamie. The [edgar cayce akashic record] readings suggest that each of us writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, our deeds, and our interactions with the rest of creation. Who knows what you could accomplish together with your records. Accessing your akashic records is doable, you don’t have to be a privileged seer. However i have found that the most reliable way to access the records is through a specific prayer, that provides, intent, focus, and protection.  we can also access the records with any questions on issues or situations that have happened in the past in this life. Your akashic records, also called your soul’s records or “book of life”, are the complete documentation of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation.    the akashic records are believed to have existed since the beginning of the time-space continuum of planet earth.   the training not only brought a new depth to my personal understanding of the ‘soul’ and my readings, but also a level of accuracy that was deeply empowering for my clients.  the lords of the records determine who can access the records (while all have access, any ill-intent or “snooping” in others’ records without their permission is not permitted), and what information can be given at that time in that person’s path. Even our dreams include excursions into the records although most people do not recognize them as such.   he wondered if he should share the reading with his wife. What is an akashic record reading and how can it benefit you. “i must say that the readings i gave have been a huge success. It is a record of your soul’s life, past lives, relationship patterns, sacred wounds, joy, heartbreak, love, every word, thought, action and emotion that you have ever experienced is in your book. Email readings addressing one or two questions available for $95. "i've explored the akashic records before but i was really drawn to taking this class. The akashic records should not be used against us as a guilt trip or to feel bad about what we have done in a particular lifetime. An akashic record reading and clearing is a good choice if:. An akashic records can give you clarity on what your issues are and even clear the patterns that have you stuck in an old paradigm.   through accessing your akashic records i can help you to empower yourself by using this deepest level of healing and divine guidance so you can live your life in full alignment with your divine blueprint.   this reading is more like a “taste” of the longer reading in which we focus on the pressing issue up for you right now providing wisdom, insights and relief. As an akashic reader, i see the akashic records as the source field of us, and all that is, and everyone who reads sees it differently. In that library, there is a book that records the past, present and probable future history of every soul since it came into existence. At the time we make the decision to experience life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by that experience. This puts in motion the intention for your reading, a process starts, and will also help to keep you on track during the reading. The reading was very special and absolutely resonated with me. One of the first things i discovered is that the records are best used for illumination, guidance, and direction, not for fortune telling. They determine not only who can access the records but what information they can receive. While we are discussing the akashic records, allow me to caution you not to read other people’s akashic records unless you have their explicit consent. The akashic records are an energetic highway of information that holds the history, present and possible futures for each soul ever in existence. 😀 if it speaks to you, i highly recommend giving yourself the rich treasure of an akashic reading. This reading gives you a.   and if you’d like to discover what your akashic records reveal about you and your life, you can schedule an akashic records reading by clicking here now. By accessing the akashic records, we can identify and release anything that we have created that has become a block to our present realization. The akashic records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and. It was a wonderful supportive reading, very detailed and and touching, helpful in a lot of ways.   the old theories of “not giving too much away” during a reading don’t apply here. ‘the akashic record healing and soul reading was profound in so many ways, i let go of so much on so many levels. Before all readings, he sets the intention that only information for your highest good and healing journey be shared through each sentence. (although working with the akashic records -- called the book of life in many religions -- is compatible with most religious beliefs). “i entered into my akashic records session with marijo puleo full of excitement and curiosity. Help me to know myself in the light of the akashic records,.   by divine birthright, we have the ability to access our own personal akashic records, as well as the records of any group of which we are a part. Akashic records reading could provide you with the answers and guidance you're looking for.   whether you work with someone who can access the akashic records for you or you learn how to reach them yourself, reconnecting with your true self and experiencing who you truly are will change your life. ‘crystals, which have a triangle shape on them, are the ones which can help you gain access to the akashic records by rubbing the stone with your thumb towards the point. I am a certified akashic records practitioner, but have also been on the receiving end of  akashic consultations. The primary use of the "akashic records" is to. Access your akashic record in which i stay fully present. Is an akashic reading connected to any particular religion. The akashic records were made famous by people like famed psychic. Once in the records spirit directs the course and we are guided to retrieve the information that is most valuable for others or ourselves. All that has ever happened, and will happen is recorded in the akashic records – and that applies to all of us. If you haven’t taken the time to have an akashic reading, consider doing it now. Mona's soul reading covered characteristics and challenges that i had been unaware of and also included how to resolve them. If it is really important to you to have a record of what was said, you may wish to record the session yourself or take written notes. In this online course you will learn how to access your akashic record or soul book in the akashic library. Have a good sleep before the session; do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the session – you need to be in best condition, in order to receive the messages from the records. If you would like to access your akashic records, i can help you do this during an akashic records reading with me. Akashic faq if you’d like to learn even more. For the reading, you will be asked to create a list of questions and once we are in, you can begin asking them. You are also invited to share concerns and questions you would like addressed within the reading. I wanted to understand what my soul journey is about and what keeps the record of my actions and the accumulation of my lives experiences. As your reader, know that i am always with you to assist the phrasing of questions and the deepening of your reading.   the akashic records are also referred to as the. I found your reading so fascinating. Folks have a lot of questions about the akashic record readings, so i’m going to answer the most common ones here. With the record keepers, she creates prayers, shamanic meditations, and visualizations for many things, including abundance. The akashic records are a "dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey", however, the record reading is only done with the permission of the person being read.

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 from the perspective of the records, all souls are eternal. You access your akashic record (usually inadvertently) when you receive inner guidance, knowing, intuition, gut feelings, synchronicities, and déjà vu. Akashic records reading – how to get the most out of your time. That’s the case for any psychic, and even yourself when you go for a psychic reading. People have been known to travel in person to heart spring from larger cities such as rochester, syracuse and buffalo including suburbs of these cities for a reading. We have found that guidance and direction from the records always comes in an uplifting and positive way. The term “akashic records” is not something that most of us hear on a daily basis.   so could those who sought out the records in a trance state, like the sleeping prophet, edgar cayce. Unfortunately, the motivation behind this kind of akashic record "research" is egobased curiosity.   each property, place, or location also has an energetic 'record' and everything that ever took place in that space will also be noted and the information can be gained from its akashic record. The akashic records are fifth dimensional so think of them as energetic information that resides outside of time and space. The akashic records has been revealed, we can investigate the ‘overlay’ upon. Life lessons can be of particular interest as they usually bring the biggest ‘aha’ moments in a reading.   the akashic records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities. Learn about the akashic records and its history. Highly recommend signing up for at least one akashic reading with me before launching into any of my other programs, including workshops and classes. The major topic for the next session is selected with the assistance of your records. Although these ideas might be new for some, and fodder for non-believers, even hollywood has included the akashic record theme in films. Write the words "akashic records" on the building. To answer the questioni believe an akashic records reading is very different from a psychic reading. The akashic records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. For the short-lived minor 1970s record label, see craig smith (musician). Your akashic record is constantly being updated as you make choices and take actions. You're not allowed into that person's record if your intention isn't for the highest good of all. Maybe you have been wondering the same thing while you’ve been reading:. Before feng shui consults and classes, and before akashic readings, i do a lot of work in advance-including reading and research, or taking more coursework myself-so that things can flow as smoothly as possible, and can be as useful as possible. A potential client recently asked me about the different between an akashic records reading, versus a psychic reading. A prolific healer and teacher, she leads her students and clients into the akashic records to reveal their deepest truths, break through unsupportive beliefs and limiting patterns, and live life feeling connected to source, abundance, and unconditional love. Julie, in december of 2012 you did a reading for me. So how do you actually access your own akashic records. What can you expect from an akashic records reading. Finding your personal akashic record is similar to tuning your car stereo to a particular channel or radio frequency. Once you have explored your past and present through your akashic records reading, you are more able to go forward and co-create a powerful future together with your angels, guides, masters, teachers and divine source. Serving clients at a deeper level by accessing their akashic records. I love the akashic records. A lot of the reading resonated with me about my origins, where i came from and where i could possibly go in life. They can be accessed through meditation, a psychic experience, with the assistance of spirit and through the akashic tarot. So if you’re considering having an akashic records reading….

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To begin the actual reading, your psychic will enter a resonant state of mind, open the records with a sacred prayer, and then you may ask your questions about anything and everything. The new akashic records and the world’s leading authority on the energy of the akashic records. I am forever grateful to madison for not only allowing us to tap into our own abilities to access the records, but for creating safe spaces for collective blossoming. These records hold the absolute truth and knowledge of all things, both living and nonliving. This article was written to explain what the akashic record actually is and what it does. Reading guidelines" is on my home page. Reiki and the akashic records. To learn more about record keeper quartz crystals, click here>. Some who believe in the records claim that they were used by ancient peoples around the world, including the indians, moors, tibetans, egyptians, persians, chaldeans, greeks, chinese, hebrews, christians, druids, and mayans. To set an appointment for a reading, you must complete this form and send or deliver with $150. The akashic records are an energetic record of the journeys of your soul, broken down into each individual lifetime including, but not limited to, past lives. To get to the hall of records, cayce would put himself into the trance state he used for readings. Since these readings are done from the quantum field of all possibilities you open up to your soul’s essence and discover hidden talents and abilities. For years people who have been involved in the spiritual science have been asking what exactly the akashic records are. However, now that you have read this guide to akashic records life path readings, six common questions, and their answers, you should have some idea if this one is right for you as well as how to handle the experience. His texts are still a part of the whole synergism of the greater akashic, but. A reading brings together three elements. The akashic records contain information on everything that has, can, or will happen in this realm and other dimensions. Your akashic record keepers are waiting to heal and assist you in creating the life your soul desires. Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. This does not clear your entire akashic record–that would send you into a healing crisis. Jennifer elizabeth masters is a mystic, an intuitive energy healer and reads the akashic records. At this level of understanding, the records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime as different human beings on the earth plane while evolving throughout time and space. I do my readings through skype or telephone. Which  is also where you can send payment via paypal for the reading using the button below.   every thing changed when i had my own akashic records read, it was very clear from my reading that i was supposed to be doing healing work and that my strengths lay in my ability to listen to people. Before your reading, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what the akashic records are, why you may want them read, and what to expect (and not expect) during a reading with me. This book is an inspiration and a must-read. In order to advance and evolve in this incarnation, we need to know what is in our records that block us from having success and fulfillment in this lifetime. In the same spirit, an akashic record reading is a divinely inspired reading aloud of an individual’s holy energetic flow. Go beyond yourself with akashic records 201: reading the records of others. A loving and beautiful reading. ​all sessions can be voice recorded by you, ​or automatically recorded through a free private conference call ​. Akashic records through an akashic records ebook, but when i do readings i am lucky to be a natural. Another plus is knowing how to help others with accessing their records for helping them find some direction along their chosen path. If you want to share your reading, you are welcome to do it because it’s yours. These are the living records of mercy ministration which are read into the testimony of the courts of uversa when each individual's right to unending life comes up for adjudication, when "thrones are cast up and the ancients of days are seated. He calls this force the akashic field, pointing out that the ancient vedas exactly describe the qualities and abilities he has observed firsthand.

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What are the akashic records, who resides there and what type of information you can receive from the akashic record keepers.   i maintain a state of grace and love as i ask to enter your records and receive from your record keepers whatever information is in your highest good. To put it simply, the akashic records are a library of vibrational energy. The akashic records can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Akashic records reading circle, us, wednesday, 20. Psychic mediums can help you access your akashic records and help you understand their meaning. For a deeper understanding of akashic consultations visit akashic records. And because the records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere. I received an email reading from noelani and it exceeded my expectations. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. The information shared during an akashic records reading is channeled by me through your record keepers (light beings who’ve accompanied your soul through every incarnation including this one and who know you better than you can know yourself. Prototype recorder cell within their own crystalline dna spirals. This reading will take a couple of days to be completed and will be sent to your e-mail inbox in pdf format. In an akashic records reading, issues in your current life are compared with your soul's blueprint to see where there are disharmonies. Although this workshop is usually conducted in-person, maureen will sometimes teach akashic records level 1 via teleconference calls. Herein lies the great deception of the records.     you can use the akashic records to see your future, the past, see the outcome of an event, heal an aspect of yourself, know your life purpose. 3 types of psychic readings explained – learn which is best for you. I really enjoyed being back in the akashic library, reading my soul book and finding more fascinating insights about my past and my present life. Teresa began her study of the akashic records after being a practitioner of many diverse energy modalities over the last 20 years. That is why there has been such a flood of information about the records and ways to access them released over the past 10 years. Any human can become the physical medium for accessing the records, and that various techniques and spiritual disciplines (e. Active in the healing arts for more than 2 years, linda was moved and inspired by the power of the records within herself and her clients. I will then contact you to schedule an appointment to present your reading to you. After a lifelong search for truth, master teacher and healer linda howe has developed an infallible method for accessing this reservoir of information: the pathway prayer process. Accessing the records will allow you to feel connected to your natural state of well-being. By the end of this 7 month akashic career mastery program and completion of your require consultations, you will be a certified akashic knowing consultant and on the school website, which i promote. My hunch now is that something a bit more earthly is happening in hoshiarpur; the astrologers, i assume, are writing their own horoscopes (with the guidance perhaps of the bhrigu records) to chart out the lives of those who come to them. Here are some of the outcomes my clients have reported after their readings:. Do you give readings to children. The records are continually updated, with each new thought, word or action that every soul or entity makes. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. I know everyone wants to know when something will happen but when is difficult in the akashic records. When you are ready, open your eyes and reflect on your sense of the akashic records and your place within this universal field of information. Please be sure to visit the faqs page for important information about your reading. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary.

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I can speak from experience, her readings are soul touching. Since taking the class, i've grown more confident in how i receive information and have even begun reading for friends. When i was ten, i started reading books on extrasensory perception and when i was sixteen, i became interested in dreams. The first reading will be compulsorily these three questions:. In fact, the akashic records have such. The skill of the reader is crucial in successfully and accurately sifting the truth from the great bulk of the records. Though the lords of the records and the akashic masters are nonphysical beings, some of the teachers and all of the loved ones have existed as humans on earth. The purpose of accessing the akashic records is to dignify each person and situation. Click below to purchase your akashic records reading and after completing payment you will be directed to a page describing your next steps and where you can find a link to schedule a time to meet with me by phone for your akashic records reading and soul clearing. An akashic records journal for you to record your personal progress and explorations. Yulia pal is a psychic, an akashic records reader, and an energy healer (since 1997) and trainer. ” each soul, from the moment of its physical origination, has a set of akashic records. The akashic records or "the book of life" can be equated to the universe's super computer system. Portion of this library is known as the "akashic records" and is. Each record contains detailed accounts of a soul's various incarnations on earth ‰ÛÒ essentially it is the ‰Û÷book of you'ª. I know how far i’ve come, there has really been no turning back for me, so it was with great anticipation that i sat down to read her stories and to see where the last three decades have led her. The akashic records are one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today, to help us remember our oneness with every being in the universe, and to find our personal and collective power to create the realities we desire. Author clears and explains that one does not have to go anywhere to access the akashic records. ", i told of a man for whom i had done a past life reading whose paramour in france during the 1500s had hanged herself when she had become pregnant by him and then abandoned. Now with how to read the akashic records, you can learn to connect with this divine source for infinite joy, inner peace, and fulfillment. Pricing and payment info in the readings page. Q: would all blocks, restrictions, traumas and negativity from current and past lifetimes show up all in one reading. In simple language it would be fair to call akashic records a vibrational filing system where every thought, word, emotion, action generated by soul experience since its beginning is recorded which translates directly to past, present and future possibilities. * most sessions last one hour and an mp3 recording will be sent to you.  thus your akashic records is not a book in heaven, but a unique flow of divine knowing “written” in this moment by you and for you. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. Akashic records readings for themselves. Linda howe is the founder and director of the center for akashic studies, an organization dedicated to promoting the study of akashic records and other applicable spiritual wisdom. I was incredibly excited to get my akashic records read. Through thought is the basis of the akashic records. The akashic records are ”a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey”. We can be guided through problems and trouble and can use the akashic records to sort out all sorts of problems we are faced with on a day-to-day basis. I am told by the records that the higher selves of all parties involved are fully aware of this agreement and that, upon awakening, this gesture will be made, with blessings, by the involved individual who belongs to the spell-caster family. In most cases, once a record has been.

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I stopped the reading in mid-sentence and asked for an explanation as to how my name could be mentioned. Akashic records readings, akasha what is it. The akashic records are our shared resource throughout the history of this universe. While holding the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in. This may allow you to access the records and find the answer in a dream. However, i will start a collaborative meta-research (research on research) project titled “akashic physics roadmap” to scan scientific articles and books and find, review, cross-reference, and discuss the most interesting and promising ideas. Today, thousands of people have powerful relationships with the akashic records. Records is that we already possess the answers to all of the questions. The akashic records are metaphorically described as a library but also likened to a universal computer or the 'mind of god'. How to know an akashic records reader. I feel that an individually channeled personal message from the akashic records pulls everything together and adds more depth to the reading. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. I give akashic record readings over the phone between 5:00 p. Akashic records become more accessible to our whole essence, and ultimately, our records will be distilled into the akashic plane, contributing to the knowledge of all the planes and the tao. The akashic records also include information about your past lives. Join us in the next akashic records training. Suggested preparation before a session  read more. What to expect from an akashic records reading with me. If you’ve probably read my last week article on what are the akashic records then you’ve probably anticipated today’s article.   learning to go deeper into your akashic records for powerful healing and transformation:  your inner child and your future self progression. Let’s learn to read the akashic records together-you’ll learn to read your own, plus i’ll be reading with you for a powerful phone session for new clarity. Akashic record reading and clearing report. The akashic records, also known as the book of life, are a record of every soul and its journey and hold the truth and wisdom of who you really are. The good news is that reading the akashic records that are relevant to you is even easier -- you carry a copy of your records, so to say. Instead the way one is able to receive information and have experiences in and of the akashic record. Your reading is very much about where you are in the exact moment of asking the questions. Get the clarity you need with an akashic record reading today. It is true that the akashic records can bring us great peace.   well, to me as a computer man, this means only one thing: that somewhere in the universe is this gigantic database — many, many magnitudes greater than all that google can or will ever be — in which all things are recorded. During the call you and i will discuss any questions you might have from your reading, outside your records. Your personal akashic records holds information about your past lives, present life, and possible future lives. "i am at the 6th week and enjoying reading my soul book. I felt that the reading was from a universal perspective and observing me from. Have you discovered your akashic field. I loved that her approach to the reading was organized, yet interactive. An akashic reading is truly a very personal and positive experience. The waiting list (for akashic records readings) will be indicated in the readings page, white panel below the paypal button. (by the way, we open another person’s records only with the permission of that person.

The akashic records contain the past and present knowledge, experiences and expressions of the soul’s journey from its inception forward, as well as the possibilities of its future unfoldment. Although these things are indeed recorded in the akashic record, vibrationally you may be blocked from access at a certain point time, and then later, once you've learned the prerequisite of what you needed to know, the vibrational record on this matter will open up for you. Her online training programs and live workshops focus on how to easily access the akashic records and use the vast wisdom and energy of the akashic field to align to one’s soul mission, enhance relationships, amp up creativity, step into personal power, and live radiantly from the heart. Some of the most fascinating information can be found in the records. Who are the keepers of your akashic records. The process for accessing these records, edgar cayce. What is the akashic record. This reading is like an overall checkup of your soul’s health. By delving into the akashic records through prayer—a spiritual means that best reveals collective spiritual consciousness, an akashic record reading done by an experienced reader reveals your soul’s purest essence, expression, potentials, and purposes. Before an akashic record reading, i'll ask you to write down the questions that you would like to ask your masters, teachers, and loved ones. Entrance into records is an indication. Record is attributed to alfred percy sinnett, who, in his book. A reading from maureen will be powerful, enlightening, cleansing and inspiring. If you’re interested in a reading, make sure your on my mailing list to get updates from me. Others think the akashic records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible.  your reading will be recorded and a cd with your reading will be sent to you within a week after your session. The main component of the ‘tuning in’ process is a visualization which takes you to the hall of akashic records. 'clearing' is removing and releasing any negative influences, blocks and restrictions in your akashic record which are. Insights into current patterns and toxic cycles: the records are notorious for pointing out the patterns we are holding onto that don't serve us anymore and teaching us ways to release them. How to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey [with cdrom] by linda howe. This book describes the akashic records, the source from which edgar cayce received many of his remarkable insights. Cayce did his readings in a sleep state or trance. Such, it became his repository of knowledge and wisdom in the greater akashic. Energy of the records rather than on specific identities in the records. The akashic tarot is an astoundingly accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers. Net to schedule your own akashic record reading – available in person, by phone or skype. Theosophists influence the akashic records concept. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone.   people are usually drawn to the akasha because the letters in the word "akasha or akashic" vibrate to activate the heart - mind/source connection. To the side, you can read testimonials of previous clients, since their stories and experiences will truly capture the transformative nature of these healing sessions. The client is encouraged to have 1 or 2 issues in mind that they wish to have addressed at the time of the reading. The akashic records or "the book of life" can be considered to be the universe's super computer system. If you had a traumatic experience in the past and you dealt with it—if you evolved your experience of that trauma—that, too, goes into the records. The akashic records, one can tap into past lives, karmic themes,.

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A psychic, with the extra sensory perception to access the akashic records a. An ideal time to tap into a living, vibrational dimension of wisdom and knowledge culled from throughout the multiverse — the akashic records. Your akashic records are your story, your “book of life”, and contain every thought, feeling, emotion, choice, action your soul has ever experienced – not only in this lifetime but in the many other lifetimes you’ve incarnated. Imagine where your energy will be, when you add the teachers, angels and guides from the akashic records to your group of “5” 😉 ). Even though the term “akashic records” is a relatively new one- estimated to have been coined in the early 1900s – this concept or concepts similar to it have permeated ancient cultures and civilizations including tibet, egypt, india, persia, china. I’m offering this reading via email report only . This was my first time experiencing anything like the akashic records and i can tell you how happy i am that marijo was the one i got to experience this with. Shelly’s reading really cuts through the noise and delivers the straight scoop in an easy-to-understand way. So what posessed me to get a reading done. I do not do readings that focus on guidance or healing about love or romantic relationships. The only problem is – how can we read the akashic records ourselves. Our akashic records also contain information about all our possible futures, a vast and changing field of information that is constantly shifting and changing based on our choices in the present moment. I am also authorized to teach others to be able to read their own records. This reading and report can take between 1 – 2 weeks. Records are interactive in that they have a. Some indicate, that the akashic records are similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness as its role is to provide truth, information and support. As a means of perhaps alluding to the fact that the akashic records were not simply a transcription of the past but included the present, the future and certain probabilities as well, in reading 304-5, cayce began the reading with a curious statement:. While i was working on him, seemingly out of the blue, he asked if i could do past life readings. I firmly believe that if i could learn to access the records and even eventually become a professional akashic facilitator and teacher, then you too can learn to explore your records. Intuitive readings are wonderful, but in my personal opinion, they only scratch the surface when compared to the depth of the akashic records. “my reading with mercedes was filled with love and light. In the sanskrit, “akash” means the substance everything is made of. The akashic plane interpenetrates the other six planes through their “local”. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. Science and the akashic field: an integral theory of everything,” and then several related books. During our reading a few months ago, you read my akashic records, and you told me about this man i was going to meet. By aligning with the energy of our soul's records we gain insight, guidance and wisdom to overcome issues and challenges which enables us to live our life fully and abundantly.   but at the time of the reading i definitely didn't understand why. To strengthen the relationship with the records it's important to work with integrity in the records. This is why accessing the akashic records accurately is tricky unless you have proper training and a comprehensive way of processing the information into a format that the conscious mind can work with. Akashic records: case studies and. Below is a geographic list of teachers recognized by the akashic network.

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If the answer is yes to any of the above scenarios so akashic records reading is definitely  for you. This zero-point akashic field, or "a-field" as laszlo calls it, is not only the original source of all things that arise in time and space; it is also the constant and enduring memory of the universe. You'll want to keep in mind that the individual record will come from their pathway of prayer. The records are said to be protected by entities known as record keepers or guardians, who ensure that they are only seen by people with permission to do so, and that nobody discovers information that they aren't ready to know yet. Linda howe’s book “how to read the akashic records” is an excellent and easy to understand explanation of the records.  in the course of a reading, i begin by saying a prayer, "beloved spirit, angels of light, beings of light, beloved i am, beloved all, beloved om, please be with us now and give us a good and accurate reading, messages and guidance for _________. They can also be used for meditation, visualization, or magical practices that you can incorporate into your own reading practice. “you had scrutinized my every action, all were recorded in your book, my days listed and determined, even before the first of them occurred. *note:  for people under 18 years of age i do not open their akashic records. The only requirements are that we be sure we are using them with integrity and pure intention and within the general guidelines which are laid out for us by the records (this is explained in more detail during the class). After her meditation and visit to the hall of records, mona types up a report which she then sends to the client via email. According to many who work within the akashic records, it’s an etheric field, a formidable storehouse, if you will, of every thought, deed, or word ever conceived or experienced by the souls of our planet earth. And he could “read” these impressions. Do i have to access the akashic records in a secret way. The term akashic records refers to the “hidden library” that exists in the universe, a hidden hall of records that can be uncovered by diving into your subconscious mind in a deep meditative state. I read the first few chapters of how to read the akashic records and then rapidly put the book down, because i could feel energy moving over me and i didn’t like it. People come to me for an akashic records consultation when they have questions about their soul purpose or their business, or both. I have my book of akashic records lying there," says hans. Free recorded question/answer session based on this class. In your own akashic records. They are records that record and keep in memory every person’s thoughts, feelings, and deeds from time immemorial. There will be further work in the akashic records for ourselves and others. For the past 23 years, i have been working in the dimension of consciousness known as the akashic records, archive of our souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. Akashic records were popularized by the sleeping prophet, edgar cayce, who accessed all his information from the akashic records as the basis of his readings. You can also read the records of pets, of a home, of a company or of public monuments, buildings, etc. In the process of opening the records for ourselves or others, we transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of divine universal consciousness in which we recognize our oneness with the divine at all levels.  holly understands that the best teachers are lifelong students and is continually learning, not only from all the akashic knowing school of wisdom teachers, but from her students as well. Get to the hall of records, cayce would put himself. What if access to the record is denied. Through an akashic records reading, it is possible to. I’ve noticed that many students, while having access to the akashic records, are actually doing more psychic work than downloading from the records. And just as reading books and working with teachers and groups may assist our growth, it is similar for them. With the akashic records you will be able to see history repeat itself and you will also be able to learn from your own mistakes so that you don't repeat history. Akashic records reading is right for you. Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone—anytime, anywhere. Accessing information from the akashic. I suspect that economics, and not the akashic records on the astral plane, are the driving imperative behind the astrologers' curious leaves. It can be read to reveal a soul’s past lives and present purpose and any stumbling blocks, unfinished business and outdated agendas that may be getting in the way.

Now, as we open, so do the records open to our conscious awareness, and we can finally hear once again the calling of our souls to become our authentic selves. A: please note that before i do a reading for anyone, i need to check if i have permission for access.  the akashic records is the repository of your history and experiences in the reality along with the immediate area around potentiality. Such states of consciousness can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the akashic records. This class presentation & meditation will be video recorded for your continued review and use. Is "plugged into the akashic records themselves. Cloudy akashic records structure i had just come from. Think of our own akashic record as our soul's memory bank. Each soul has its own akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. These are the benefits of accessing your akashic record. Introduction to the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey. You cast a spell to create a record of your physical body in the akashic record at a time when you are in your best physical condition. Blavatsky summed up the records as being a life force of some kind. ’ the human energy body is continually transmitting information to the akashic records. Infinite power and wisdom are available in the records, and they have been entrusted to those who are well prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing. In akashic terms, we ‘lean into the wind of birth’ to incarnate into our human bodies, and inevitably this means that we will experience the ‘wind of transition’ in our lives as others pass. Clearly in the akashic records. My name is malkiel and i would like to introduce you to the benefits of akashic record readings and how they can be life changing and soul affirming. They have accessed the akashic. Healing through the wisdom of the akashic records. This is not like a psychic reading, so please don't expect me to know everything in advance, nor read your mind. If i do a reading for someone, i need permission. Akashic records readings can also be done to find out more about your pets, your home, your business, or a home you are thinking of buying (if it is on the market). Learn to tap the energy of the akashic forces that flow to you and all around you. He defines the akashic records as “the collective memories and histories of every thought, sound, physical and emotional vibration, major event and incidental moment in eternity, an atmosheric presence that affects us all and we all affect with every breath we take”. An akashic record healing can be life changing. The best way to prepare for an akashic record reading.   this time i felt very comfortable with the contents and ready to practice akashic records readings for myself and then perhaps for others. Akashic records readings are wonderful for those who are looking for something deeper than predictions and desire to hear their soul-level truths. I wanted to tell you how much i appreciated the readings from the akashic records and your participation in what is going on with me (and my beloved partner). Akashic record reading question preparation. If you want to learn the spiritual practice of the akashic records for yourself, i teach the most intensive akashic records study path called the sage path. I learned a lot about the akashic recorods and had many confirmations for my path. Join us in exploring how the akashic records can be used in everyday life. Therefore, the primary purpose of an akashic record reading is going straight to the source and looking into who you are as a. Here, at one infinite light, we offer akashic record readings. C 9/30/17 “your reading was nothing short of miraculous. “this new class material and the new prayer included in the akashic records light practioner course is really awesome.

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What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records. It's no wonder the akashic records have been likened to a "cosmic internet" that allows us to "google" specific information when we open a person's records. In an akashic records reading there also needs to be a conversation going on between the reader and the client. Your driver’s license should suffice if you don’t have tax records). The reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary. The site the mystica also states other ways it is possible to access the akashic records:. The akashic records contain the recording of our soul’s journey from its very inception. Practice reading your own records and using your records for self healing. But i can not form a judgement before finishing to read. I will be contacting you to schedule a call after the reading is completed. It is a record of every place and space you have ever been, and of all your future possibilities. “the akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. Akashic record readings are a profound healing tool and do not serve as entertainment. To go into the akashic record, the process is similar to the way intuitives tune into someone’s spirit guides or higher self. It is one of the most powerful things you can do in your akashic records. The only exception to this is that parents can access their children's akashic records as they are guardians of their souls in this lifetime, so you can request a reading on their behalf. ” i dove in with an open enthusiasm, as i have personally been aware of the akashic records for many years. Consciously having access to higher, divine knowledge in the light of the akashic records has been the most profound gift of healing jenelle has experienced. Once we are talking together and are ready, then we will set the tone for the session with a request, a kind of little prayer, followed by a few moments of silence while we do the things that we do in order to access the other person’s records.   the records have  also been referred to by different names including the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Practice reading your classmates records. In your akashic records, francesca thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. I have a lovely donor that is willing to support 3 free one-page past life readings. The network structure of the tree operates as a kind of akashic record, (a term sometimes used to describe an astral library, accessible through altered states of consciousness such as meditation, dreams, and channelling). Akashic readings at the roseheart center. The akashic record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future. Both the information and healing will flow on the energy (light) of the spoken word during your reading. Akashic record business reading (1 person business). Luckily, there is a powerful new tool that gives you the akashic records and its precise symbols and messages (including all of those mentioned above and many more). These are not static records, this is an interactive element that is involved in the creation of experience. Remember we all have the right to grow and expand, shift and love, connect to our divine source and remember who we are and why we are here and what our purpose is… the records can be and are a key tool for this.  the akashic records hold your individual past lives, life purpose, soul purpose, potential future and more. In an earlier post, "share the reading with my wife.